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Paper Tube

  • Kraft paper deodorant tubes-YJ-PT-020
Kraft paper deodorant tubes-YJ-PT-020

Kraft paper deodorant tubes-YJ-PT-020

  • Oil-proof, no leakage, top quality, competitive price. No worry to get complains. Our paper tube deserves 100% satisfication.

Product Name Paper Tube
Size 0.3oz/0.5oz/1oz/1.5oz/2oz/2.5oz/customized
Thickness 0.4mm/0.7mm/1.1mm/1.6mm/2.2mm/3.3mm/4.5mm/customized
Product Material kraft/white cardboard/black cardboard/speciality paper/cooperplate paper
Accessories Magnet/ Ribbon/EVA foam/Plastic Tray/Sponge/Flowers/PVC/PET/PP window
Print/CRAFT CMYK print/ Customized PMS print/UV COAT
Product Certificate SGS, MSDS certificate
Application Scope Art/Decoration/Cosmetics/Lipstick/Lipbalm/gift/packaging

Good quality paper tube
Welcome to custom your tube


Q: How to order?

A: Contact us immediately to confirm the dimension and thickness of the packaging.

Q: What is the Min Order Quantity?

A: 1000piece.

Q: What is Payment Method?

A: T/T, Credit Card, Paypal, Westernunion etc.


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