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Why is there a color difference in the packaging box?

When the carton printing factory prints the design and packaging the color box, do you often encounter such a situation, the color of the color printing page appears color difference, the color of the packaging color box is too deep and too light, and so on, causing the customer to be dissatisfied. I still can't explain to the boss that I lost a customer. Faced with such problems, the packaging box printing factory takes everyone to know why there is a color difference?

1. Design issue

(1) The color mode must be adjusted correctly, and the color mode must be adjusted to CMYK.

(2) The color used in the design draft is not the printing color.

When making a design draft, the carton printer must use the exact number of the chromatogram to locate the color. The color picker is not necessarily 100% accurate.

2, the display problem

I don't know if you have found such a problem. The design draft made on your own computer will not be able to match the color after being transferred to someone else's computer. What is the reason? That's because of the color difference of the display and the difference in imaging. Because the material of the display and the color difference of the image are different, the color will change. The color seen on the display is not necessarily the true printing color, so all colors are colored. The card and my color values shall prevail.

Many digital fast-printing shops still use the old-fashioned displays of the old TVs. The reason is that the old-fashioned display screens display more realistic colors and basically no color difference.

3, the substrate is different

After all, everything is printed, so the choice of substrate has a great influence on the color difference. The deviation of the substrate affects the color. Perhaps the object printed on the matte effect will deviate from the bright surface.

The carton printing factory tells everyone that the color difference is certain. If you want the print to reach the minimum color difference, you should pay attention to the above problems at the source to minimize the chromatic aberration.


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